Sometimes my studio gets so messy I have to clean up between #muertitas. This is a good time to show you my dependence on buckets in my workspace.

I think I found my poster girl for my November 8th show in Burbank. Meet Tide, a #muertita for my solo show called “Tide & Blossom”. Announcement coming soon. I expect she’ll be on the poster.

Ooooh someone’s getting her makeup and flowers today! #muertita #sculptures

Listening to Neil Gaiman’s audio book of Neverwhere, and contemplating the darkening sky and the shine on the train rails. #autumn I love you. I know there hasn’t been much posting of arts, but there has been plenty behind the scenes. Plus, no sketching since I’m still bummed about the iPad. I’ll start back up soon. Just soaking in the fall while I sculpt #muertita heads.

Full story of the circumstances as well as photos of our Germany and Switzerland tour have been posted at my blog: The post called “Germanish Adventures and Thieves”

timelapse vid using Instagrams #hyperlapse - it’s perfect for filming clouds!

#dailyobservation of friend of mine with mystically gorgeous hair allowed me to photograph her majestic ponytail for reference. #redhead #art #procreate

Sorry there were no posts last week. My dayjob in advertising can get demanding, and I had very little time for anything but designing, designing, designing.
I’ll be traveling to a friend’s wedding in a few days, OVERSEAS! I’ll will do my best to keep these sketches daily, but I might have to post them all when I get back - depends on the kind of internet I’ll be able to snag over there.
So, until then, this little guy finds living under the sea unBEARabel without his besties. #dailyimagination

Listening to Antonio Machin while the sky gets painted with bending light.

Here is a clue of where some members of the #muertita clan are from. ;) #sculptures #art