#dailyobservation of more of my innocent bystanders at #dennys . Apparently it was hat day.

I’ve been wondering why I was having trouble drawing these last few days. Until..I ripped the intuos creative stylus nib. Poor thing barely hung on. Thankfully extra nibs come in the pack.

A man on the train had a beautiful beard and cheekbones. It was quite a challenge not to catch his attention by drawing him. #dailyobservation

In the land of the #muertita , the characters take a stroll. Maybe this could be a process post, I might try and finish this one. #art #sketch #procreate

#dailyimagination I need some rechargeable batteries for my wacom creative stylus. These sketches were finished without any pressure sensitivity, so it felt like I was using a blunt instrument. You know what doesn’t run out of batteries? A PENCIL. Grrrr.

Still…despite how much I love traditional media, drawing on the iPad has an amazing benefit. It was VERY nice to be able to lean back on the couch in a soothingly dim room. I could draw comfortably and still see my screen. I really enjoyed that. It makes drawing after a draining day a bit easier. Until of course the batteries died, I ran out of spares, and the stylus was no better than using my finger.

#dailyobservation of my hand. So handy!

No sketches today! Using my new gear to protect me from industrial grade #glitter and #resin in the new #artlab !!! It’s not totally done yet, but it’s time to work!!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I was working on this scene from the Muertita-verse, it took me two train rides. Some more characters are being worked out! You may recognize those hair-bows though ;) #procreate #art #sketch #horse

#DailyObservation of two fellows at Denny’s

#DailyImagination of a character within the #Muertita verse. New hairstyles I’m playing with. I like the hair-bow w/bangs. #art #sketch #digital #procreate